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About Darla

There are two things that have made a difference for me more than anything else on my journey to right here.

  1. Alignment. Aligning with my spiritual Truth has created a priceless internal freedom.
  2. Retreats. Connection heals and healing frees. To risk being truly seen, in a retreat community, creates permanent transformation.

Kurt Wright said, “We can only trust that part of ourselves that we have revealed to another person and had validated instead of violated.” This simple statement demonstrates why small, safe-space, truth-based retreats are such powerful tools for empowerment. Once we experience ourselves in a new way, we can’t un-know who we now are. And live retreats create experiences in a way no self-help book (or virtual program, or information-packed big event) ever could.

If you are someone who creates a safe space of non-judgement in which people can share their Truth (or people just tend to tell you stuff), or if you love to dig into the root cause of an issue to shift it at its core, you might a transformational entrepreneur and a powerful retreat leader. Join us!

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Marketing is Your Soul Discovering Her Voice Out Loud

Marketing is Your Soul Discovering Her Voice Out Loud(and the strategy to attract your soul-aligned clients) Guest article with Janet Kodish of Free Once Again “Janet Hope sounds good,” I muttered to myself.  “Like Bob, without the golf club.”   It was 2013 and I was...

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Embracing your Vulnerability Advantage

Embracing your Vulnerability Advantage Guest article with Wendy Lee of Leadhership Revolution Wow! It’s hard to believe that I started my career in Human Resources nearly 20 years ago.  If you asked me back then to name some qualities that define strong leadership,...

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The Truth About Money and Desire

There are two relationships that it’s vital you get comfortable with if you want to create truly successful, profitable retreats: Your relationship with your desire… …and your relationship with money. The two concepts are connected. Because much of what you desire...

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Would you pay to do nothing?

Would you pay to do nothing? There’s a Zen proverb which goes, “Don’t just do something, sit there." It’s a tongue-in-cheek reminder that in a world where we spend a lot of our time filling our days with activities, choosing to simply sit and be still is a radical...

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Why marketing your retreat feels hard

A lot of people don’t realize that your retreat doesn’t start on the day when your participants arrive, or even when you arrive at the venue to prepare. Your retreat actually begins way back before any of that – when you first have the spark of an idea for your...

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The Secret to Creating the Best Retreat Content

There’s a trap a lot of people fall into when they’re creating content for their retreats – especially as RICH leaders: Right-brained, Intuitive, Creative and Heart-centered. If you’ve come from a background where those unique aspects of your personality weren’t...

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Going All In: What I wish someone had told me about business

If you want to grow your business into one that’s profitable, lucrative and fulfilling, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. From sales techniques to marketing strategies, we can learn so many techniques – and yet sometimes the things which make...

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The Top 7 Reasons Retreats Lose Money

If you tuned in to either of our “Pitch Me Your Retreat” calls this week where I laser-coached people live on their retreat ideas, then you may have noticed something interesting. Next to fine-tuning the inner alignment around their retreat ideas, the second most...

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5 Ways to Save Money On Your Retreat

I rarely talk about saving money. I like to focus on abundance and flow of money over saving it because I was raised in a household that was very focused on saving money. We clipped coupons, shopped at K-mart, and as I got older, TJMaxx. My mom and her sisters would...

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Energy Isn’t Logical

The shift was palpable. Before arriving she was looking really strong. She was positive, optimistic, and uplifting to the people around her. But on the inside of Sarah lie a question. Am I worthy? This question kept her from asking for money for her work. Her friend...

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